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Producer Raz Mesinai (aka Badawi) presents LadyMan with a collection of
hook-laden dancehall and dub excursions. LadyMan brings out the playful side of this talented producer. These danceable conversations between horn, bass, and razor tight rhythms will wipe a sleazy grin across your face. Giggles, oohhs, and aahhs emerge from a singularly warped imagination. This is dubbed out Badawi at the top of his game.

LadyMan, ostensibly, is the sleazier side of Raz Mesinai, better known for crossbreeding dub rhythms with traditional Middle Eastern folk music as Badawi and as one-half of early '90s NYC dub deconstructionists Sub Dub. While there are some airs of parody and cheekiness running through Viagra Opus ("Old Spice" is my favorite track title), tracks like "Infomercial" and "Feeely Hard" are no less dark than Mesinai's work with Sub Dub. Ther tracks are all good in and of themselves, especially dancehall flavored ones like "Steppin' Lady Style," but when it's all done, you're still left wondering what exactly the story is behind this Viagra opus. (Jesse Serwer)

Yet another gem from the Agriculture Label, this is the second CD I've received them and it's awesome. Viagra Opus is loaded with cool electronic/dub chill tracks that would be a great partner on a long road trip in the country or after a long day at work with a cold one in hand. Not much more needs to be said, pick this one up.

Raz Mesinai was born in Jerusalem in 1973. His first two decades were spent in frequent transit between Jerusalem and New York City, where he became immersed in both the worlds of traditional Middle Eastern music, and the New York City dub and hip-hop scenes of the eighties and early nineties.

Mesinai released his first record at the age of 18. Since then, his work as a musician, composer, engineer, DJ and producer has kept him on the forefront of the New York underground music scene. His acclaimed recordings under the moniker Badawi, and as one half of the seminal duo Sub Dub (with producer/engineer John Ward), are impossible to classify, but have been called hybrid electronica/dub/ percussion/avant-garde compositions. All of his music unites acoustic instruments, often traditional drumming, with electronics, bringing to mind a fusion of the ancient and the futuristic. Since 1999, Mesinai has been releasing electro-acoustic compositions under his own name, including three releases on John Zorn's "Tzadik" label.

Mesinai has collaborated with many of New York's top musicians, including Eyvind Kang, Mark Dresser, Marc Ribot, Mark Feldman, John Zorn, Shelley Hirsch, Elliott Sharp and Zeena Parkins, among many others. He's had two works commissioned by the Lincoln Center Festival, including "String Quartet for Four Turntables" in 2000. In 2001, "Soldier of Midian" (ROIR), the fourth Badawi release, was honored by Ars Electronica festival. In 2002, Raz was a featured artist in the Next, Next Wave festival of B.A.M., and also opened for Nubian master musician Hamza El Din, a personal highlight.


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