APR 2nd 2013
DJ OLIVE's THWIS fearuring Honeychild Coleman
layed back rugged unicorn bass with gritty lovers vocal soul from
the brooklyn underground

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" This takes quite a few years and many live trials to develop a vision of dub with such an almost eerie weightlessness and the most colorful twilight on this side of the Milky Way. "Thwis", effectively a continuation of the published ten years ago as well on his own label "Bodega", walked into consistently energized pace lightly through an airy, loose but precise-composed garden trail domesticated, however selected and dusted Dubsounds, and is there not a single time powerful, pithy or gloomy - Dubstep or other Tilli TM404 project: another universe. Embedded in this eternal gentle, friendly, alert relaxation, which does not yield even in the night haunted the middle part where they make themselves into shapeless shadow creatures noticeable of which one hears nothing else, carry the vocals of Carolyn Honey Child Coleman who on three songs guest is a warm philosophical transcendence. And where the sun is already up, blow again house and jazz sounds over the water over before we dive into dreamless sleep. A gorgeous drive. "


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    THWIS Dj Olive featuring Honeychild coleman. release date april 2 2013 the Agriculture
    THWIS is a warm bass journey through the untravelled back streets of brooklyn's underground future dub landscape. Though you can hear the rootsy lovers feel THWIS is not a derivative dub record but a truly original reflection from one of brooklyn's loved underground producers. THWIS follows in the footsteps of Olive's classic Bodega release and his work with New York's legendary electronic trio We(TM). There is little distortion on the bass and the kick is soft and warm making for a velvety sunrise vibe through out. The snare is surprisingly absent but then suddenly shows up like an old friend. Smokers Delight mixed with Boards of Canada mixed with Rhythm and Sound, THWIS puts its arm around your shoulder and walks you through the party with a calm inviting smile, making your body wander around the unicorn bass while the vintage analog synth tickles your head..

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    DJ Olive - Live at Club Mighty, SF
    (Multipolyomni's Quark Soup, Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage '97.)

    DJ Olive aka the Audio Janitor

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    "HEAPS AS"
    This is a wicked live example of the Brooklyn Roof Music sound. “Heaps As, Live in Tasmania” was recorded during two live shows in Australia in ‘05 while DJ Olive was on tour: one in Hobart, Tasmania and the other in Perth, Western Australia.

    This is dance music for wild booty bouncing good times. Never four on the floor these friendly down home rhythms inspire the rough and tumble generation with rugged tracks in a fluid, seamless mix. Some of the sounds clearly come from Olive’s classic debut full length “Bodega” though generally this is all new material discovered live while freely mixing his unique bag of sound tools in reaction to the crowd.

    Hip hop instrumental breaks blend with dance hall. Rinsed out accelerated dub and one love baselines roll out as Olive moves the vibe and pushes the floor. Olive’s skillz as an improviser honed through years on the road are unleashed on the dance floor. These tunes are not for the feeble hearted or lazy footed. They blast the cobwebs from the tired assumptions about how our bodies move to a beat. This is where folks whoop and holler and bounce off the walls, and horny couples grind their hips together in euphoric funky glee.

    DJ Olive is known for many sounds. A founding member of We™, one of the state’s most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the nineties. He has improvised with literally thousands of world class musicians from Luc Ferrari to Kim Gordon, from Ikue Mori to Jah Wobble, from Jim O’Rourke to Uri Caine, from Alan Vega to John Zorn. From Medeski Martin and Wood to Christian Fennez.

    He has also been releasing what he calls “Sleeping pills” and doing sleep over events for years. This record is a clear example of his beat writing skills following fluidly in the footsteps of his 2003 hit “Bodega”. This is the down home happy go lucky feel of sunrise future funk on a roof top in Brooklyn with all your positive smiling friends dancing in your arms around the hibachi.

    DJ Olive drops his first solo full length, "Bodega", a fast paced continuous mix of 17 ass shaking tracks that sound like they were scraped off old funk and dub 7"'s. This is a new gritty sound best described as hanging out behind a Brooklyn bodega with drums, horns, dancehall rhythms, and passing jeep bass while folks woop and holler. "Bodega" is an example of Olive's beat writing skillz, both funky and filthy but never cliché or easily definable. We could say dub, dancehall, roof musik, downtempo, latin funk, and breakbeat, but we would still only be dancing around the highly original sound of these sneaky booty rhythms. Unlike most continuous mix records, "Bodega" is the sound of a dj wildly mixing it up while never losing the groove.

    In 2004, Room40, from Brisbane put out his "Buoy" composition. A 60-min voyage of beat-less warmth Olive call's "a sleeping pill."

    DJ Olive was raised in Boston, Nova Scotia, Trinidad, Rhode Island and Australia. He was an active member of the infamous Brooklyn Williamsburg scene('90-'93). In '91 he co-founded Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation. Lalalandia made many of the most memorable Brooklyn warehouse after- hours environments of that period.

    DJ Becca, DJ Olive & DJ Amanda
    (Tea in the bush. NSW.)

    In 1994, he started up Multipolyomni and We. We's '97 release "as is" can be considered a classic. We opened for the Orb that spring. Their 3rd release, "decentertainment" landed them at Barcelona's Sonar '99. Multipolyomni's '97 New York production of the Solar Drama from their opera Quark Soup, projected a massive live view of the sun perpetually rising for 24 hours, broadcast LIVE from 127 consecutive locations as the world turned around once. It hosted 77 live performers and artists on two floors... ffffew(i think thats the Guinness book record ..no?). And The Early Aquatic Episode, '96 at the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, also from Quark Soup, was hailed by the New York Times art critic Roberta Smith as "the only work in scale with the Anchorage".

    After finding a record
    (lalalandia entertainment research corporation)

    In 1995 he began to enjoy improvising with musicians. Here's a sample of some of the folks he's played with (click here.)

    In 1999, he and Toshio Kajiwara founded Phonomena Audio Arts & Multiples (www.phonomena.org), a weekly event as well as a record label. also In '99, he and James Healy started the Agriculture.

    Checking the 78's
    (Skin Tone Riddles recording studio. Brooklyn.)

    In 2003, after many years of collaborating with musicians, live and on recordings, Olive finally released his debut solo CD, "Bodega," an ass shaking continuous mix tape of rough down home dance party beats.

    In 2004, Room40, from Brisbane put out his "Buoy" composition. A 60-min voyage of beat-less warmth Olive call's "a sleeping pill".

    Getting Love in Perth
    (Ionian Sea)

    He has also been included in many exhibitions including: Treble, Brooklyn Sculpture Center 2004, City Sonics 2004, Mons, Venice Biennale 2003, Whitney Biennial 2002, Bit Streams and Whitney 2001.

    He continues to compose in his Brooklyn studio, Skin Tone Riddles when he's not playing somewhere like ?Tasmania.

    For more info visit DJ Olive here.

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    Heaps As

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