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Kacy Wiggins a/k/a quiet personal electronics (qpe) is a subtly profound composer whose reputation as a live performer and soulful soother of the frenetic New Yorker has earned him a solid following. His music takes off from instrumental hip-hop, stealthily skirting the no-fly zones of excessive complexity and over-production around much of IDM and trip hop, to land in a new sonic terrain: Hip Hop Nouveau. qpes Hip Hop Nouveau style contrasts with the sounds saturating the New York electronic music underground. Unlike beat-core and drill & bass qpe turns on the women not just the boys. Like the man behind the beats, qpes music reflects a quiet, understated, yet undeniably funky style, one that brings out a diverse crowd, women and men of all gentrifractions. His warm bass lines slowly seduce even the most reluctant booty onto the dance floor. A wash of beats and melodies melt away cynicism. Twenty minutes into his set, the troubles of the day fade into smiles on the faces of the crowd. In this crazy gentrifried world, there is a sonic antidote to the stress of modern living. Hip hop nouveau makes good, good sense.

Programmer wiz kid and PhD student Kacy Wiggins, aka "qpe” (quiet personal electronics), nails the chillout zone with this collection of huge low key atmospheric beats. Something real is going on here. The fake, trendy, cruel sides of New York City fade away
into a secret world. These understated instrumentals reflect a deep sunrise vibe, a sympathetic sound. You know how sometimes an artist will overdo it and try to let the whole world hear how clever and technical and new and different they are? Well, think of the opposite and that’s qpe – sure … nonchalant … rugged … timeless … uplifting. It’s hard to explain how a few samples programmed on a computer can sound so human. qpe is about warmth and vibe. If you had a bad night out, run back to your car and pop in this qpe joint. In today’s world, this music is therapy for the soul and a soundtrack for the down home crew, backyard breaks roof music. If you yearn for quality downtempo, this is for you.

Qpe - Boolean Logic


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Qpe - Boolean Logic

Boolean Logic

FREE MP3s (192K)

Devil May Care

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December 10th, 2005. 10pm - 4am. FREE.
Downtown Manhattan. More info here.

2/10/06 qpe podcast

New Podcast: qpe LIVE Nature Party Dec 2005. qpe tears it up in Soho with Pete Lawrence (the Big Chill) and Natural Sphere (the Agriculture). Or grab the direct download here.