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The Sub Dub duo draw on their love of vairied rythums breaking down barriers to unite divers factions of music that always seems natural. layers of dub, Middle Eastern drums, electronics and noise wash over the underlying and omnipresent bass lines. These tracks showcase the rough with the smooth, the clean with the grimy. Floaty sounds are overcome by throbbing dance floor rhythms and cascades of distortion. These tracks, originally made in '93-'95, are finally available to dub-lovers as a continues journey, selected and mixed by the artists for CD. the three ep's Babylon Unite, Dawa Zangpo and Sub Tools, are also available on vinyl.

The Sub Dub duo of Raz 'Badawi' Mesinai and John Ward blew up the downtown & Brooklyn dub sound in '94. Their tight sterling production and banging live sets cemented their fame when 'Babylon Unite' dropped in '93(Junior Vasquez sampled it) they went on to produce 'Sub Dub' on Instinct Records in '96, 'Dancehall Malfunction' on Asphodel in 1997, and "Original Masters 1993-95" on the Agriculture in 2001.

Sub Dub - Original Masters 93-95

Original Masters

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Dawa Zangpo

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