We™ members Ignacio Platas (Once 11), Rich Panciera (Lloop) and Gregor Asch (DJ Olive), met in 1991 while living in Brooklyn, during the infamous Brooklyn underground party scene in Williamsburg playing at, and producing, many of the most memorable Brooklyn warehouse after-hours environments of that period.

We's '97 release "as is" can be considered a classic. We opened for the Orb that spring. Their 3rd release, "decentertainment" landed them at Barcelona's Sonar '99. they have been talking about a new record in '06.

Their first track appeared on Word Sound's compilation Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Vol. 1 in 1994. The group signed with Asphodel and released their debut LP, "As Is" in the spring of 1997. The Square Root of Minus One followed in 1999, with Decentertainment appearing on Home Entertainment one year later.

We™ have remixed tracks for Arto Lindsay, Free Kitten, Tipsy, and Medeski, Martin, and Wood among others.

We™: Lloop, DJ Olive, Once 11.
Additional personnel: Caroline "Honeychild" Coleman (vocals); Eyvind Kang (violin); Raz Badawi Mesinai (percussion).

"As Is" was recorded at The Bloody Angle Compound, San Francisco, California in November & December 1996.

More : http://qrot.net/we/

We™, Decentertainment, Home Entertainment,
We™, Square root of negative one, Asphodel
We™, "as is", asphodel
We™, Asphodelic, Asphodel
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We™, Valis: assassination of syntax, subharmonic
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We™, Land of the Baboon, Silent
We™, You Mix, Incursions in Illbience, Asphodel
We™, What is downtown music, Knitting Factory Works (the dj spooky track is actually a We™ track. Its the version of We's classic track "Quark Soup" also used by dj Spooky on the Necropolis Mix, Knitting Factory Works [originally miss I.D.ed on that comp]).