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Nettle is DJ /rupture & DD. For Firecamp Stories they invited an international array of musicians and sound artists to remix material from Nettle's debut album, Build A Fort, Set That On Fire (AG016).

Spurred on by the unique Nettle material—-heavily textured desert music referencing the shifting street beats of deep Brooklyn, south Spain, and North Africa-- The musicians poured an unusual level of passion and attention into the project, resulting in everything from hiphop-gnaoua fusion (US expat /Rupture and one of Morocco's premiere vocalists, Nass Marrakesh's Aziz Arradi) to dubbed-out techno breakbeats (Japan's Com.A and DJ Shiro the Goodman) and conceptual
sound-art (Alejandra & Aeron, I/O).

DJ /rupture founded Soot Records in 1999 as a strike against geography: diasporic breakbeats meet digital-audio sound research.

His past releases have included Minesweeper Suite and Gold Teeth Thief – his debut album as producer is out now on TigerBeat6 records: Special Gunpowder. DD is a painter and multimedia artist from Madrid.


Nettle - Build A Fort, Set That On Fire

Build A Fort, Set That on Fire

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Nettle - Firecamp Stories, Remixes

Firecamp Stories

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Nettle & Aziz Arradi - Mehmet Irdel

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