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Lloop aka Rich Panciera

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"Middle Eastern drones, backwards masking, ethereal chorales, trudging hip-hop beats, dropout, whistling kettles, cicadas, self-help mantras about yawning: you know the score.” - Peter Shapiro, The Wire

“... dreamy psychedelia and narcotic hip-hop result in a timeless, beautifully
warped masterpiece that deserves immediate digesting.”
- M. Tye Comer, CMJ

“The hypnotic rhythm of empty streets, visions out the bus window, shadows
come alive. Ghost figures spread wheatpaste out like canvas.”
- Toph One, XLR8R

Lloop aka rich panciera has been working in sound studio's since he was sixteen. In 1983 he helped build Bass Mind studio in Brooklyn and was considered a top engineer at that time. His record "Bulbb's" was recorded there in '94 and released as a now classic mix cassette. It was finally released on vinyl and as a cd in 2001 by the agriculture.

In '91 his ingenious interactive sampler was the key sound element in the infamous Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation omnisensorial sweepout events at El Sensorium, lalalandias most legendary club. Lalalandia made many of the most memorable Brooklyn warehouse after-hours environments of that period.

In 1994, he started up We(TM). We(TM)'s '97 release "as is" can be considered a classic. We(TM) opened for the Orb that spring. Their 3rd release, "decentertainment" landed them at Barcelona's "Sonar '99".

In 2000 he co-founded Share with software designer and fellow music producer GDAM and sound artist New Clueless. Share is a weekly event that has turned into a global phenomena. Please visit www.share.dj

Share is a weekly assemblage of portable computing, founded in 2001 by Barry Manalog aka Lloop, geoffGDAM. Share provides an open forum for data exchange and media performance. Patrons are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely, giving each other feedback, catalyzing development of techniques and philosophies of new media. Share begins every Sunday at 5pm with an open jam. An open-mixer system for video and audio lets participants patch their equipment into the multi-channel, multi-room sound system and multi-screen video system. Artists are encouraged to bring any portable audio and video gear and take a turn sharing, join in an open jam, or form impromptu collaborations.

In addition to enabling file servers and a number of peer2peer A/V apps to be easily utilized by multiple users, the wireless connection has, coupled with the Natural Sphere broadband connection, given SHARE the ability to have an interactive online presence, capable of collaboration with global partners.

Share is the place to: sing a new pop song you've written, preview that video project you're working on, learn about new software developments, join an open jam of digital artists, form an impromptu collaboration, hear how your new songs sound on a big system, meet coconspirators for art projects, spin some mp3s, look for new Max patches and Buzz machines, or relax and have a Sunday drink with interesting people.

Share has collaborated with other electronic festivals and events, including Electroluxe in NYC and the PhonoTaktik festival in Vienna. Collaboration with 2002 PhonoTaktik festival took two forms: live performances and collaborations when the festival was in NYC, and a streaming NET.JAM when the festival continued in Vienna.


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